Why exercise? when you
can dragercise!
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Let’s get physical and boogie down at Drag Aerobics! This isn’t your usual East London mid-week exercise class, this is a glitzy, glam boogie-fest with a fabulous drag queen instructor, your fave dance classics and of course a post-workout prosecco or two.


Join us every other Wednesday at Trapeze Bar, Shoreditch for an aerobics class with a twist, turn and a shimmy shimmy darling! Be part of the most outrageous exercise class since the Eric Prydz Call on Me video. 

Fabulous London drag superstar Dolly Trolley will take you through the most camp workout session in London, so come prepared with suitable footwear (unless you’re a pro Queen who can lunge in heels), and relaxed gym wear. 80’s lycra and perms are ALWAYS in fashion at Drag Aerobics!


Get ready for diva bops, lashes, leotards and lunges, ‘cause at the end of the day, drag queens don’t sweat- we glitter, darling!


Doors at 7:15pm,
class from 7:30pm - 8:30pm.
Tickets £13,
ticket and a
glass of prosecco £15.

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